Road to Emmaus

Where is the road to Emmaus?

Emmaus of Biblical times was 7 1/2 miles NW of Jerusalem, and I’m sure it was walked quite often. The picture above is a little further along that road toward the Sea of Galilee.

There are many debates over where Emmaus would actually be found today, but there is another interesting way that we can locate it. That would be by asking the questions, “What were these two doing walking along the road, what transpired there, and what did they lose or find?”

We’ve been talking recently about depression. If any two people might have felt depressed it would be these two. They had lost their visionary leader, the one that they had placed all their hope in. And they were now talking with a stranger about what had happened to them. They were returning home with their hearts broken and their thoughts confused. Nothing that had once made sense was making sense anymore.

This is a place we can all relate to. If not now, we can easily remember those places in our past, or they are coming along our path in the future. No one escapes the road to Emmaus, the confused walk home.

But what happens? The stranger is not a stranger. He is someone they’ve known all along but failed to recognize.  Their vision is cleared and they see that the stranger is the same One that they had hoped in. They thought he was gone forever, but he has returned to dine with them. He opens their eyes again to the truth.

As T. S. Eliot once wrote: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Where is your Emmaus? What are you searching for? What do you see now?

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Farmer Joe's morel's came in! It must be Spring!!
Mother Nature is a beautiful thing - yet sometimes scary! Lightning struck this tree & split it in the middle from top to bottom! ⚡️🌲😱
The sun and the sea
Emptied of its Sand
Florida Preserve
El tracks intersecting in the Loop. Which way to go?? So many options..

Some Jurassic Pinot Noir!!

Fossil Point

The wine and film pairing for this weekend is Fossil Point Pinot Noir and Jurassic Park.

Obviously I got a little nerdy with this pairing and its archaeological theme.

Fossil Point is a winery in Edna Valley, California. My co-worker Tony however, would describe this Pinot as very OLD WORLD in style. Meaning less fruit and more earthiness than most New World Pinot.

What’s more “earthy” than the discovering of dinosaur fossils seen in this picture from Jurassic Park?

The style of the wine is said to come from the vines having taken root in calcareous shale and fossilized oyster beds.

The origin of oysters is debated in paleontology, but it’s widely thought that they date back at least to the Jurassic Period. So maybe there’s even some essence of dinosaur going on in this vino.

Either way they are a great match. Two examples of Old World in the New World. So savor them together!

And who doesn’t recognize one of the most memorable movie scores of all time….Jurassic Park!

Between the Rock and Hard Place

Between a Rock and Hard Place
To be between a rock and a hard place, to be bankrupt. Common in Arizona in recent panics; sporadic in California.” –Dialect Notes V from the year 1921
There are many times in my life where I have found myself in just this place, not necessarily bankrupt, but between a rock and a hard place. I’m sure that you have as well.
If you have a large family it becomes far too familiar a place.  🙂
But lately I find myself there when I look at our society, and consider the structures that we built to protect, nurture, and strengthen us. We elect, hire, promote and trust individuals with varying degrees of power over us to carry out this very task – maintaining a civilized, safe and happy life for everyone.
Now I know no system in itself can do this. Some people are intent on being miserable; others are victims of senseless violence.
But what I’m struggling with is what do we do when these structures are greatly abused, and power is used for selfish gain, slander is the norm, and those commissioned to serve and protect instead suppress the truth and destroy persons?
I keep telling myself that we are not yet in this place, that hope for a renewed society is still very real, but the evidence continues to grow. As a former scientist, the data is stacking up to suggest that we must at least be aware that we may well be between a rock and a hard place.
What do you think, and what can be done by each of us? How do we tear down only to truly rebuild a hopeful future, not for the sake of tearing down alone?
How do we build something worthwhile between the rock and a hard place?

You Gotta Think Aloud!

“A friend is one before whom I may think aloud.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unwittingly, I reckon this is what goes on in the back of my mind every time I sit down to share one of these posts.

Still being at the beginning stages of all of this, I can honestly say that almost everyone who reads our posts is someone that we know on a personal level. Almost everyone is a relative or friend (and not just of the Facebook variety).

Of course, there’s a bit of research, re-writing, and editing involved here. But really I’d have to say, I’m just sort of thinking aloud with my friends.

Thanks for being good friends and listening. Please consider us your friends and think aloud with us, ANYTIME!

The Alley where our Roses (Friends) grow is one to be safely ducked into. A narrow space away from all the clutter and nonsense. It’s a place to slip down, express your ideas, and think ALOUD!


We allow some animation too… You Got A Friend in Me!

Depression – A Search for Meaning

“Existential depression may be characterized by a unique sense of hopelessness in feeling that our lives may actually be meaningless.” – John M Grohol, Psy. D.

How does this topic strike you? Do you believe it? Or rather, do you know someone, a loved one or a friend, who believes this?

Life can just be enveloped in fog. Every once in awhile we stop our activity and our distractions, we stare through the fog and we grapple with this life-meaning thing. And it can break us down, or it can build us up. 

Have you considered that depression may just be the dark underbelly of creativity? The fog of unknowing, the phantom that we all face in trying to have a fruitful existence.

The first step might just be looking this “meaningless” ogre in the eye and asking “What gives?” and then looking beyond and through it with hope.  What do you think?