Depression – A Search for Meaning

“Existential depression may be characterized by a unique sense of hopelessness in feeling that our lives may actually be meaningless.” – John M Grohol, Psy. D.

How does this topic strike you? Do you believe it? Or rather, do you know someone, a loved one or a friend, who believes this?

Life can just be enveloped in fog. Every once in awhile we stop our activity and our distractions, we stare through the fog and we grapple with this life-meaning thing. And it can break us down, or it can build us up. 

Have you considered that depression may just be the dark underbelly of creativity? The fog of unknowing, the phantom that we all face in trying to have a fruitful existence.

The first step might just be looking this “meaningless” ogre in the eye and asking “What gives?” and then looking beyond and through it with hope.  What do you think?

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