For the many whose lives have been touched, even terribly damaged by the hurricanes in Houston and Florida, recovery is hard. Sometimes it feels impossible.

Roses in the Alley wants to play a small part in giving you and them hope. If you know someone who is hurting from the aftermath of the storms, please come to our bandcamp site and download this free song recorded by one of our founders 15 years ago . Just place “0” in the price.

If it brings you peace, please forward the link to your friends who may need hope as well.

Any donations that you might make on the site by entering any number but 0 over the next few days will be 100% donated to the recovery effort, and RitA will add to the fund as well. 

Here are the lyrics below:

Lord, Send Out Your Spirit

You gather the rain
In far reaches of the heavens
You take wild rivers to tame
As they wander through the mountains

All the world and its seed
Taste the waters You created
And in Your Spirit they breathe
They bring forth Your celebration

Refrain:    Lord, send out Your Spirit and renew the  face of the earth         
Lord, send out Your Spirit and renew the face of the earth

On the wings of the wind
In the glancing tongues of fire
Each fearful heart You enflame
With your burning, unceasing desire

Send down, send down Your Spirit on us
Send down, send down Your Spirit on us

You call each one by their name
Your sons and Your daughters
We hear Your call to proclaim
Your mercy  and Your power

Rain down, rain down Your Spirit on us… and renew the face of the earth
© 2002, Robert G. Metivier

May this be a more graced set of images than the ones that we experienced in the storms. Please listen in and pass it along. Hopefully we at RitA can make just a little difference.

Photo by Brandon Kawamura on Unsplash

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