What is it Good For??

“War does not determine who is right, only who is left.” — Bertrand Russell

Cleverer words were never spoken…

At a time when we are being constantly berated by the beautiful, yet sometimes very angry Mother Nature we’d love to be able to at least count on humanity. And we have, but not ALL of it!!

People have been hunkering down in the foxholes they call their homes, defending against Mother Nature’s attack. Now they have an even more dangerous, man-made threat to distress over.

In a world that seems to be run by unbalanced and egotistical maniacs, we need words like Bertrand’s to make us laugh and think.

Laughter and thought, what a combo!!

So let’s help each other think and laugh. Let’s make sure to help someone experience beauty in a time where it might be difficult to find and hope that we are all left to talk about it!

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