Wine, Movies, and Baseball!


These three things add so much beauty to the world… And when you combine them??

The wine and film pairing for this week is A League of Their Own with Mas de la Dame (Farm of the Lady).

Farm of the Lady winery? Obviously I needed a strong, women-centered picture to pair with that. There were so many to choose from. So, which one?

Really all I had to do was think about my fiancée and her all-time favorite movie. Then it clicked! Just like when she entered my life, everything got easier and started to make sense.

This winery in Southern France is run by two women, Anne and Caroline, great-granddaughters of its founder. Kit and Dotty, the main characters in the film, are baseball playing sisters that so happened to have grown up on a farm.

Before baseball players make it to the Big Leagues, they have to play for smaller teams, in smaller towns. This is know as the “Farm System”.

Mas de la Dame is located in a part of Provence, France that is so gorgeous, it’s said to have inspired works from Vincent Van Gogh. I’d like to think even Van Gogh would admit that a perfectly green baseball field illuminating under the sun is a work of art itself.

The red wine that these ladies provide is not exactly light or delicate. As my co-worker Mackenzie compliments it, “It’s got some of that barnyard in it!”  Kit and Dotty came straight from the barnyard to the baseball field. There is nothing light nor delicate about the way these sisters play ball.

Be it a wonderful wine, fantastic film, or glorious game 7 of the World Series, they can all take our breath away. Just don’t listen to Coach Dugan (Tom Hanks) when he says, “There’s no crying in baseball!” Talk to any Cub fan or fan of this movie, and you’ll know that simply isn’t true!

This Carole King song should take you back to a time when ladies ruled the baseball diamond.

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