Gabriel’s Message

Today, on the Catholic-Christian Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the coming of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary, the Mother of Jesus is the featured Gospel reading. This traditional reading continues the sense of Heaven impacting Earth, Eternity breaking into the experience of the Present in this world.

For those in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Gabriel is no mere quaint, placid spiritual being, but a powerful Messenger who blows a horn to proclaim the coming of the Lord.

As Heaven further unveils Itself, the glorious fanfare expands and envelopes the moment and all of time.

Follow Me!

Following can be a good thing. Leading can be even better! It all depends on what you are doing and whether you are going somewhere important. 

We hear a lot about Christians these days not living up to their faith. It seems that the worst of us are defining the rest of us. 

But it was really pretty simple in the beginning. He said, “Follow me.” 

The question is, do we do that? How can we lead  if we have not learned to follow? 

We still have something important to do. Maybe we start with actually following….

Let’s Celebrates Us!

Please post your favorite family Easter pics with us here!

Let’s Celebrate You and Us!  The core meaning of Spring is to Celebrate Life. The core message of Easter is to Celebrate an Eternal Life of Victory! 

And that includes celebrating you and us, exactly as we are. Today you will post a lot of pictures because it is a day of babies, children and joy!  Please post your favorite one here, so we can Celebrate You!

Here is a free song for you as an Easter Gift:    A Song of Celebration!


“You’re too Sensitive?”

Do you enjoy a sunset over the water?
How does it make you feel?  Is it OK to be in touch with your feelings?

… timely exposure, in moderation, to all that is good, beautiful and true only makes for healthy sensitivity and appreciation and respect. It is one of the characteristics of true maturity in men as well as in women.
Baars, Conrad W.. Feeling and Healing Your Emotions 

See With New Eyes

My perspective matters to me. Your perspective is what’s important to you. 

And, try as we might, we each really do see things through our own lenses.

Sometimes we canot agree because we  really are just seeing different things. 

Here are my glasses. Can you give me yours?

Maybe we can see with new eyes!

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash