Space + Grapes

Space Grapes

As humans we are always searching!!

The wine and movie pairing for this weekend is Satellite Sauvignon Blanc with Apollo 13.

This delicious Sauvignon Blanc comes from a producer named Spy Valley in New Zealand. They consider themselves to be a bit of a clandestine (secret) operation. The spy base down the road is perhaps what makes the valley of their location so bewitching.

And what’s more bewitching than the dark abyss that is Outer Space?  I’d say (for good reason) that NASA can be a bit secretive from time to time. And there quite possibly could be some spy stuff going on out there as well.

Apollo 13 passing the dark side of the moon marked the farthest humans had every ventured away from the soils of our planet. A monumental moment in our history of discovery.

Human beings’ thirst for discovery is truly one of our best qualities. Some choose to dig into the Earth with their bare hands in their search while others blast off from it into Space! We need both types.

Spy Valley wineries focus is on sustainability and the nurturing of soil and vine to preserve it for future generations. Whether those future generations want to explore our world’s  beauty by sticking their hands into the earth or by blasting-off from it into Outer Space , it’s our job to make sure they have those options.

So let’s continue to explore soil and space, but do it in a way that keeps our wondrous planet around for future astronauts, winemakers, filmmakers, and everyone in between to do the same.

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