You Gotta Think Aloud!

“A friend is one before whom I may think aloud.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unwittingly, I reckon this is what goes on in the back of my mind every time I sit down to share one of these posts.

Still being at the beginning stages of all of this, I can honestly say that almost everyone who reads our posts is someone that we know on a personal level. Almost everyone is a relative or friend (and not just of the Facebook variety).

Of course, there’s a bit of research, re-writing, and editing involved here. But really I’d have to say, I’m just sort of thinking aloud with my friends.

Thanks for being good friends and listening. Please consider us your friends and think aloud with us, ANYTIME!

The Alley where our Roses (Friends) grow is one to be safely ducked into. A narrow space away from all the clutter and nonsense. It’s a place to slip down, express your ideas, and think ALOUD!


We allow some animation too… You Got A Friend in Me!

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